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NEW - Creatine by Creapure

Have you heard the news from Pure Nutrition USA? Creatine by Creapure is a new product and is here. Great option for those that want to power their performance. Creapure creatine is of extremely high quality and purity which helps to improve its effectiveness.


Every active sportsman knows what creatine is. It is also known, that the greater percentage of trainees trust the monohydrate as the most effective form, despite the many varieties on the market. But is there any difference between the different types of monohydrate?


And here is the place to imply, for a wrong model used by many. Meaning, to take creatine regardless of brand and raw material, with one thing only to matter - to be monohydrate. Not a few people giving the advice: "Take the cheapest. It’s all Marketing. If this were true, there would not be a company that would put so much resource into research and professional staff to get the purest creatine in the world.


But, enough with these fairy tales. Here are some facts. Three countries massively produce creatine: Germany, China and the United States. Of these three, Germany (producer of AlzChem) produces the purest creatine without impurities known as - Creapure. The Creapure specification is subject to strict requirements. Creapure is tested for impurities using high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC). Typical analytical values of Creapure: Creatine monohydrate: min 99.95% Creatinine: <67 ppm (below the detection limit) Dicyandiamide (DCD): <30 ppm Dithiothreitazine (DHT): not found Everything written here can not be just marketing. These are scientific and undisputable facts.

Creapure is already in the ranks of Pure Nutrition USA and is waiting for you. The best is here! Are you the best ?!

Suggested usage:

During the first 5 days, take one dose of 5 grams four times a day. After the 5th day, take two doses of 5 grams twice a day. Take enough water and carbohydrates. Avoid Caffeine!

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