BEEF BAR - 50 g –

BEEF BAR - 50 g

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What is the Pure Nutrition Beef Bar?

Beef jerky is arguably the most popular snack among gym-goers and active individuals since it’s generally a protein-rich snack, but not all beef jerky and beef bars are created equally. In fact, the difference in macronutrient and ingredient profiles from one beef snack to the next can vary significantly - and those differences matter. 
After getting very positive feedback on our Beef Jerky products, we’ve taken the initiative to create a new high-quality, tasty beef bar made with tender top round beef cuts, healthy nuts, fruit, whey protein, and a carefully crafted blend of spices and seasonings to perfect the flavor profile. 
Choose from two delicious flavors: Smokey Almond & Cranberry and Spicy Honey & Almond. 

Why the Pure Nutrition Beef Bar is Best High-Protein Meat Snack on the Market:

  • 23+ grams of high-quality complete protein in every bar (no soy protein!)
  • Less than 4.5 grams of fat in each bar
  • Fewer than 190 kcal per bar
  • Delicious sweet and salty flavor combinations made with real nuts and fruits pieces
  • Filling high-protein beef snack that’s great for any time of day

Benefits of the Pure Nutrition Beef Bar 

We know firsthand how hard it can be to find healthy high-protein snacks that aren’t loaded with artificial junk and tons of sugar.  Chances are, you’re not going to find any quality snacks in the vending machine at the work office or at the convenience store checkout. 
But just because you’re on-the-go and traveling doesn’t mean you can’t eat healthily and keep making progress towards your fitness goals. Convenience, taste, and nutrition shouldn’t be mutually exclusive qualities. 
This is why we’ve taken our years of experience crafting healthy foods and come up with the new gold standard of quality meat snacks - the Pure Nutrition Beef Bar. 
Our Beef Bar comes in handy for people who lead an active lifestyle and want a snack that they can feel good about. Pure Nutrition Beef Bars are made with premium ingredients that provide lasting energy,  promote muscle repair, support lean body mass, and enhance recovery from exercise. Unlike many beef jerky products and beef snacks, Pure Nutrition Beef Bars aren’t loaded with added sugars and high amounts of saturated fats just to reduce the cost of production. 
For gym-goers, athletes, bodybuilders, and health enthusiasts alike, the Pure Nutrition Beef Bar is the clear choice of high-quality, on-the-go nutrition. Not to mention it comes in has a sweet, salty, and savory flavor that you won’t be able to resist!  Try our dried beef bars today and experience the Pure Nutrition difference!

Quality Matters: Why Choose the Pure Nutrition Beef Bar

Many supplement and food companies formulate their protein bars with inferior, highly allergenic protein sources such as soy protein and wheat protein just to save on cost and deceptively increase the protein content on the label. Rest assured, those ingredients lack the necessary essential amino acids found in complete protein sources, like whey and beef. 
We refuse to settle for low-grade protein sources, so we designed our Beef Bars with lean topside cuts of premium beef and whey protein concentrate. This ensures optimal bioavailability, digestibility, and profile of amino acids for supporting muscle building and recovery. 
After all, we created the Beef Bar for people who value the quality of nutrients they put it in their body, so it only made sense for the Beef Bar to contain lean beef instead of cheap, fatty meat byproducts. 


Amount per Serving
Energy Value 768 kJ / 182 kcal
Carbohydrate 12.8 g
Fats 2.3 g
Salt 0.8 g
Protein 23.5 g
Saturated Fat 1.1 g
Sugars 10.7 g


Enjoy Beef Bar whenever you need healthy and high protein foods. Consume within 48 hours of opening the package.


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