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CARNI MAX 3000 - 500 ml

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What is Carni Max 3000?

Carni Max 3000 is a delicious cherry flavored liquid thermogenic supplement featuring 3000 mg of L-carnitine and 100 mg of caffeine in every bottle.  Carni Max 3000 is made with natural mineral water that provides key electrolytes, such as magnesium, sodium, and calcium, to optimize hydration and keep you performing at peak capacity for hours on end. 
Research suggests that 2000-3000 mg of L-carnitine per day and habitual caffeine intake is efficacious for enhancing weight loss and athletic performance.1,2 However, the typical Western diet provides a mere 100-300 mg of L-carnitine per day and negligible amounts of caffeine. Vegans and vegetarians may consume as little as a few milligrams of L-carnitine on a daily basis. As such, drinking a bottle of Carni Max 3000 daily can help you get a  performance-enhancing dose of both L-carnitine and caffeine each and every day. 
Carni Max 3000 is the ideal ready-to-drink fat burner formula for a quick boost of energy before you hit the gym or practice field. Best of all, each bottle contains only 19 calories and absolutely no sugar or fat, making it great for calorie-controlled diets.

Benefits of Carni Max 3000

Both L-carnitine and caffeine have been studied extensively and shown to be beneficial for a range of applications, such as weight loss, mental performance, athletic performance, healthy aging, and energy levels.2,3 
L-carnitine is an essential biological molecule that helps transport long-chain triglycerides across mitochondrial membranes so that can be oxidized (“burned”) for energy. In other words, L-carnitine is crucial for helping your cells utilize both dietary fat and body fat for fuel, and this can help promote better energy levels and weight loss as a result of increased fatty acid oxidation. 
In fact, a recent meta-analysis of nine human studies found that subjects given L-carnitine lost an additional 1.33 kg (roughly 3 lbs) of body weight, on average, compared to those taking a placebo supplement.1 In several of the studies, subjects taking L-carnitine lost upwards of 2 kg (4.4. lbs) more body weight than those taking a placebo. 
Caffeine, a  stimulatory plant alkaloid, has also been shown to promote weight loss by enhancing thermogenesis (i.e. calorie burning) and fatty acid oxidation, suggesting a synergy with L-carnitine.6
Moreover, the majority of L-carnitine stored in the body resides in muscle tissue. Supplementing with L-carnitine results in an increased muscle L-carnitine content, which can subsequently enhance athletic performance by bolstering bioenergetic pathways in skeletal muscle tissue, allowing athletes and gym-goers to train harder and longer.4 Hence, most any active individual, such as an endurance athlete, powerlifter, bodybuilder, or gym-goer can benefit from CARNI-MAX 3000, especially by taking it before weight lifting and prior to cardio for optimizing fatty acid oxidation and energy levels. 
L-carnitine is also beneficial for aging and longevity due to its strong antioxidant properties throughout the body, working to neutralize free radicals and mitigate inflammation.5 In turn, supplementing with L-carnitine reduce oxidative stress and protect cells from toxic compounds that accumulate over time. 

Overview of Carni Max 3000 Benefits:

  • Support fat loss while protecting lean body mass
  • Enhance muscle bioenergetics for improved athletic performance
  • Boosts cognitive function and motivation
  • Works as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent
  • Reduces fatigue and lactic acid buildup during exercise
  • Stacks well with other pre-workout ingredients, thermogenics, and BCAAs
  • Contains 3000 mg of L-carnitine and 100 mg of caffeine for maximum potency in every bottle

Why Choose Carni Max 3000?

Many L-carnitine supplements on the market contain small amounts of L-carnitine and use cheap fillers, which means you have to use several servings of the product to reach an effective dose. This is why CARNI-MAX 3000 stands above the rest as an elite L-carnitine supplement by providing ready-to-drink, high-dose L-carnitine in a delicious cherry flavored natural mineral water that you can take with you wherever you go. Moreover, CARNI-MAX 3000 is manufactured in Germany in a cGMP-certified facility and contains virtually no calories and is completely free from aspartame. 
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Supplement Facts
Serving Size 1 Bottle (500 ml)
Amount per Serving
Energy Value 82 kJ
Carbohydrate 0 g
Fats 0 g
L-Carnitine 3000 mg
Salt 0.075g
Protein 0 g
Sugars 0 g
Calcium 88
Magnesium 3.5 mg/l
Sodium 15.5 mg/l


You can consume at any time of the day, before and during exercise.



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