DIET PASTA - 250 g –

DIET PASTA - 250 g

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What is Pure Nutrition Diet Pasta?

Pure Nutrition Diet Pasta is a versatile and healthy spin on traditional wheat pasta. This Diet Pasta is made with nutrient-dense chickpea flour that’s a fantastic source of vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber., a healthy pasta alternative that you can indulge in while maintaining a balanced diet. 
Since wheat and enriched flours are so common in everyday cooking and foods, Pure Nutrition Diet Pasta provides endless possibilities for health enthusiasts! 
Whether you’re making a healthy pasta dish for dinner or want to make a wholesome cold pasta to take along for the day, our Diet Pasta makes it easier than ever to enjoy your favorite pasta dishes without all the unnecessary carbs that come with traditional wheat pasta. Even better, Pure Nutrition Diet Pasta packs over 19 g of protein and 20 g of fiber per serving!
Looking for low-calorie sauces to go with your Diet Pasta? Try Pure Nutrition Zero Sauce! 

Benefits and Quality Differences of Pure Nutrition Diet Pasta

  • Made with high-fiber chickpea flour
  • RIch in vital nutrients like zinc, vitamin E, and magnesium, iron and selenium
  • Nearly 20 g of protein per 100 g serving
  • Easy to prepare - just under 10 minutes!
  • Ideal for meal prepping and healthy side dishes
  • Vegan and vegetarian
  • A healthy alternative to traditional wheat-based pasta
  • No artificial flavors, colours, or sweeteners
  • Made in EU

What Makes Pure Nutrition Diet Pasta the Best Pasta Alternative

Preparing food with traditional wheat pasta can quickly tally up your carb intake, which is often undesirable from a health standpoint.  This is why we created Pure Nutrition Diet Pasta, which uses chickpea flour to offset the carb content with a rich profile of fiber. Remember, the net carb count is most important, meaning Diet Pasta only contains roughly 26 g of net carbs per serving, significantly less than what you find in a traditional wheat pasta. 
Pure Nutrition Diet Pasta is also made in a cGMP-certified facility in the EU with stringent quality standards,  ensuring that each package is fresh, pure, and delicious. We know you will love the taste, quality, and functionality of Pure Nutrition Diet Pasta compared to traditional wheat-based pasta!


Amount per 100 g product
Energy Value 1421 kJ
Carbohydrate 46.6 g
Sugars 2.2 g
Fiber 20 g
Fats 3.69 g
Amount per Serving
Protein 19.51 g


Use 1 liter salted water for every 100 g of pasta. Place the pasta in boiling water for 8 (eight) minutes. Boil 6 (six) minutes for “al dente”. And ENJOY! 


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