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AQUA OUT - 120 Capsules

AQUA OUT - 120 Capsules
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Aqua Out is a synergistic blend of herbs that helps the body eliminate the excess water retention.

The product contains a combination of 11 active ingredients that can help you look leaner, harder and more vascular. Uva Ursi, Dandelion, Goldenrod and Juniper are herbs that can promote the kidney's ability to eliminate excess sodium and water from the body and reduce bloating. Aqua Out eliminates toxins and excess fluids from tissues and cells.

This formula also maintains the optimal level of vital electrolytes in the human body.

Aqua Out combines natural herbal extracts which have been designed to synergistically work together and help you reach your goals.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size2 capsules
Amount per Serving
Birch Leaf Extract100 mg
Bladderwrack50 mg
Buchu (Leaf)100 mg
Dandelion (Leaf)150 mg
Green Tea Extract (Leaf)200 mg
Horsetail (Herb)50 mg
Juniper (Berries)100 mg
Potassium (from Potassium Chloride)99 mg
Sweet Goldenrod (Herb)100 mg
Uva Ursi Extract (Leaf)150 mg
Vitamin B6 ( Pirodoxine HCL )25 mg
5 ( 5 / 5 )
5 ( 5 / 5 )
It really does what it is meant for, takes the water out, if you have a lot of water retained, you'll be urinating a lot the first days of use! you'll notice lost in weight because of the lost of water retained, you'll a lot more notice shredding if your BF% is low...
5 ( 5 / 5 )
came as expected
4 ( 4 / 5 )
Super happy great item,came with a receipt of sale so was very glad

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