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BCAA 5000 - 150 tablets

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What is BCAA 5000?

BCAA 5000 is an evidence-based branched-chain amino acid supplement that is rapidly absorbed and ideal for before, during, and/or after exercise. BCAA 5000 is formulated with a 2:1:1 ratio of leucine / isoleucine / valine, which is the ideal BCAA ratio for:

  • Enhancing muscle growth and increasing muscle protein synthesis
  • Boosting recovery and reducing fatigue
  • Supporting lean body mass
  • Preventing muscle tissue breakdown during exercise

BCAA 5000 comes in a convenient tablet form with no unnecessary additives or sugars. Pure Nutrition offers BCAA 5000 in 75 tab, 150 tab, and 300 tab options.  

If you’re looking for a powdered BCAA supplement, Pure Nutrition also offers BCAA Blast which contains nothing but pure BCAAs, L-glutamine, and vitamin B-6 in nine different fruit flavors.

Benefits of BCAA 5000

  • PURE BCAA SUPPLEMENT THAT IS RAPIDLY ABSORBED. BCAA 5000 contains 5000 mg of 2:1:1 BCAAs in each serving. BCAAs are critical amino acids for promoting recovery and enhancing muscle protein synthesis (especially when taken before or after physical exercise).
  • BOLSTER SKELETAL MUSCLE GROWTH & PREVENT MUSCLE BREAKDOWN. By increasing muscle protein synthesis, BCAA 5000 helps you build skeletal muscle tissue and protect your muscle tissue from catabolism (breakdown) when exercising.
  • REDUCE FATIGUE & INCREASE STAMINA. BCAA 5000 helps to reduce fatigue and support stamina so you can perform at a high level for the entirety of your workout.
  • NO PROPRIETARY BLENDS & MANUFACTURED IN GERMANY IN A cGMP FACILITY. BCAA 5000 is a completely open-label product (free from proprietary blends), meaning what you see on the label is exactly what you get. It is also made in a cGMP facility in Germany, ensuring you get a product that is potent, pure, and safe.

The Science of Branched-Chain Amino Acids

BCAA 5000 provides 5000 mg of 2:1:1 branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) per serving. BCAAs comprise a subclass of essential amino acids that are abundant in skeletal muscle tissue and play an integral role in muscle protein synthesis.1 BCAAs are considered “essential” because our body does not make them internally, so they must be consumed from food and/or supplement sources.

Muscle protein synthesis constitutes the process of building protein from amino acids; this process is initiated by a complex of proteins known as mTOR protein complexes.  Research in recent years has shown that L-leucine is like the “ignition” for key enzymes in the mTOR pathway.1 Further findings suggest that L-leucine promotes muscle protein synthesis to a greater degree when it is consumed along with the other two BCAAs (isoleucine and valine).2 

Moreover, L- isoleucine appears to be responsible for enhancing non-insulin dependent glucose uptake into skeletal muscle tissue (via increase in GLUT4 expression), which results in preservation of lean body mass and promotes fat loss.4 

It is now well-known that supplementing with BCAAs promotes muscle growth, inhibits muscle tissue breakdown, reduces soreness after training, and can even enhance fat loss.3, 4

Why BCAA 5000 Is the Best Tablet Form of BCAAs Available

BCAA 5000 is the ideal amino acid tablet supplement for highly active individuals and those who want to enhance lean body mass and recovery from exercise.  Unlike many BCAA tablet supplements, BCAA 5000 contains the most effective ratio of branched-chain amino acids at an evidence-based dose of 5000 mg per serving.

It is also manufactured in Germany under strict quality-control standards in a cGMP facility to ensure you’re getting only the purest and most potent BCAAs.

How to Use BCAA 5000

BCAA 5000 is best taken before, during, and/or after intense exercise. You may also use it between meals, immediately upon waking, and before bed for further benefits. BCAA 5000 is not intended to replace a healthy, balanced diet.


  • Q: Is BCAA 5000 beneficial if I already consume a high-protein diet?

A: Yes. BCAA 5000 contains free-form amino acids that require minimal digestion, meaning they rapidly enter circulation and are taken up by skeletal muscle. The protein you consume from food and supplements requires more digestion before you can effectively utilize the amino acids for muscle repair and growth.

  • Q: Will BCAA 5000 benefit me if I’m an endurance athlete?

A: Certainly! BCAAs are actually ideal for endurance athletes (like triathlon and marathon participants) as these amino acids can prevent muscle tissue breakdown and support recovery during long bouts of aerobic exercise. We recommend consuming BCAA 5000 immediately before and after exercising if you’re an endurance athlete.

  • Q: How long will it take to notice the effects of BCAA 5000?

A: BCAA 5000 is rapidly absorbed into the blood and is effective from the very first time you use it.


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4. Manders RJ, Little JP, Forbes SC, Candow DG. Insulinotropic and muscle protein synthetic effects of branched-chain amino acids: potential therapy for type 2 diabetes and sarcopenia. Nutrients. 2012 Nov 8;4(11):1664-78.


Supplement Facts
Servings 37.5
Amount per Serving
Calories 16 kcal
L-Leucine 2500 mg
L-Isoleucine 1250 mg
L-Valine 1250 mg


BCAA 5000 is best taken before, during, and/or after intense exercise. You may also use it between meals, immediately upon waking, and before bed for further benefits. BCAA 5000 is not intended to replace a healthy, balanced diet.

Take 1 serving (4 tablets) 2 to 3 times daily for maximum effect.


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