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KRE-ALKALYN - 120 capsules

KRE-ALKALYN -  120 capsules
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Kre-Alkalyn is one of the newest forms of creatine to be developed.

With no loading phase, a lower serving size, and a ph buffered formula - Kre-Alkalyn is a highly efficient form of creatine that will help you see all the great benefits of creatine. Kre-Alkalyn has the benefits of regular Creatine, without the associated side effects some users experience with Creatine Monohydrate.

Kre-Alkalyn is Creatine which is 100% stable and will not break down into Creatinine.

This allows the Creatine to be absorbed more efficiently into the bloodstream. Kre-Alkalyn allows athletes to use smaller serving sizes while experiencing even more explosive results. Kre-Alkalyn has a pH above 12 because its molecules are synthesized with "buffering" agents using a patented manufacturing process.

As a result, it remains completely stable and reaches muscle cells at full strength. Research has shown a dramatic increase in Creatine Phosphate concentration when supplementing with Kre-Alkalyn daily for 2 or more days.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size2 capsules
Amount per Serving
Kre-Alkalyn®1500 mg
4 ( 4 / 5 )
It\'s alright
4 ( 4 / 5 )
Very friendly,helpful,patient and efficient store! Thanks for bearing with me:)
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Great product for those who want to add size and strength. This is a patented formula so its just the same like the one from aaefx. The good thing here is the price. I wish they also had the 240 ct size.

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