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Pure Nutrition is excited to announce we have expanded our product line and now offer our very own 2-liter gallon water bottle! The modern and exclusive design of the gallon bottle features a comfortable and secure handle that makes it easy to carry it with you all day for constant hydration, even while you’re working up a sweat and on-the-go. 

The gallon bottle also has :easy-twist technology” just like our shaker bottles. The cap is not connected to the bottle, meaning it won’t get snagged on anything in your gym bag and spill all over.

We also made sure that the cap and lid were produced with a softer, form-fitting type of plastic, resulting in a perfect fit between the screw cap, lid, and bottle. This modern and innovative design completely prevents water leakage, guaranteed!

Moreover, our gallon bottles are comfortable to drink from. The cap is not connected with any additional plastic piece to the lid. This prevents any nose or forehead disturbances while drinking.

Key Features of the Pure Nutrition Gallon Bottle

  • Made in Europe in a cGMP facility
  • 2-liter capacity reduces the frequency of refills
  • Premium-quality, non-toxic plastic
  • 100% leak-proof, guaranteed
  • Exclusive and modern design
  • Wide mouth, suitable for large plastic scoop and supplement powders
  • Practical handle/grip and cap for on-the-go/active use
  • No obstructive attachments that hit your nose/forehead when you drink

Key Reasons You Need to Stay Hydrated with the Pure Nutrition Gallon Bottle

Water Helps Expand Blood Volume
When you maintain a fully expanded blood volume and adequate circulation (via appropriate fluid intake), it is easier for the body to circulate all of the hormones and process energy (in the form of ketone bodies, fatty acids, and glucose) that aids the fat loss process.

Water Supports Your Liver’s Capacity to Mobilize Fat Tissue 
There are many metabolites that build up from fat mobilization that have to be eliminated from the body. If you are adequately hydrated, these metabolites will preferentially be eliminated through the kidneys. If you are dehydrated, the liver is going to be responsible for moving a lot of those metabolites into the bile and stool for excretion. 

Water Enhances Endocrine Signaling
When properly hydrated, the interior, fluid-filled space of the cell (called the cytosol) is going to be as full as possible. In this situation, think of your cells as balloons that are fully blown up. The cell will be stretched out so that all of its hormonal receptors are exposed to their extracellular environment and can interact optimally with circulating hormones.

Drinking Adequate Water Increases Energy Expenditure
One Pure Nutrition Gallon Bottle (two liters) of ice-cold water (40 degrees Fahrenheit) requires about 65 calories of heat (/calories) to heat it to the standard core body temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Recommendations for Using the Pure Nutrition Gallon Bottle

Keep a Filled Pure Nutrition Gallon Bottle By Your Side Throughout the Day
While this may seem like common sense, many people go about their day without ever drinking much water at all. It is absolutely critical that you carry the Pure Nutrition Gallon Bottle with you throughout the day and take drinks as needed to keep hydrated.

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