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BEEF AMINO - 300 tablets

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What Is Pure Nutrition Beef Amino?

Pure Nutrition Beef Amino is a free-form amino acid supplement providing isolated beef amino acids in a convenient tablet form. Beef Amino is produced by a proprietary hydrolyzation process that yields native amino acids from beef that are rapidly absorbed and require virtually no further digestion.

Beef Amino provides 2000 mg of amino acids per tablet, making it a highly concentrated source of the amino acids normally found in red meat, without all the cholesterol and fat.

Pure Nutrition also offers lactose-free Beef Protein Powder if you’re looking for a beef protein source besides red meat. If you’re vegetarian or don’t want to consume amino acids sourced from beef, we recommend Amino 2000 tablets or BCAA 5000 tablets.

Benefits of Pure Nutrition Beef Amino:

Beef Amino provides free-form amino acids from hydrolyzed beef collagen, which is one of the most abundant sources of L-glycine, L-proline, and L-hydroxyproline; these three amino acids are integral to collagen synthesis in the body, which helps support connective tissues, such as skin, hair, nails, joints, and cartilage.

Research shows that collagen levels decrease by as much 50% by the age of 40, making it imperative to consume the right amino acids for healthy collagen synthesis as we get older.[1] Moreover, Beef Amino provides all the necessary essential and non-essential amino acids for promoting skeletal muscle protein synthesis, which is crucial for recovery and growth (especially in athletes and gym-goers).

Beef Amino has a range of additional benefits since it provides free-form amino acids that are easily absorbed. These benefits include:

  • Easily absorbed/digested and contains no fat, cholesterol, or carbohydrates
  • Promotes an anabolic response to resistance training which supports muscular development
  • Supports healthy body composition
  • Encourages healthy collagen levels
  • Enhance recovery from exercise

Why Pure Nutrition Beef Amino Is the Best Beef Amino Acid Supplement


Pure Nutrition Beef Amino is the most concentrated form of beef amino acids on the market, packing 2000 mg of free-form amino acids from beef in each tablet. This is ideal for individuals who want the benefits of consuming red meat food products, like steak and burgers, without all the cholesterol and fat content.

Beef Amino is made from hydrolyzed beef collagen, and contains an identical amino acid profile as you would find in red meat products. Since Beef Amino provides free-form amino acids, the product is rapidly absorbed and goes to work quickly, helping feed your muscles and soft tissues the amino acids they thrive on for growth and repair. Beef Amino is also manufactured in a cGMP facility in Germany to ensure that you get nothing but pure, potent, and effective amino acids.

Who Should Use Beef Amino

  • Those who want the beneficial profile of amino acids from beef without the hassle of eating red meat
  • Those who are on the paleo or keto diet
  • Athletes and gym-goers looking for an amino acid supplement to promote recovery and muscle building
  • Individuals looking to support their collagen levels

1. Mays, P. K., Bishop, J. E., & Laurent, G. J. (1988). Age-related changes in the proportion of types I and III collagen. Mechanisms of ageing and development, 45(3), 203-212.


Supplement Facts
Serving Size 3 tablets
Servings 100
Amount per Serving
Carbohydrate 0 g
Calories 26.7 kcal
Protein 6 g
Total Fat 0 g


Take one serving / 3 tablets / , two to three times a day.


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