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Pork Jerky from Pure Nutrition is the perfect high protein snack for athletes!

It was the Native Americans who invented jerky. They cut pork meat into thin strips, dried it in the hot summer sun and smoked it over the fire. They seasoned the meat with herbs found in the mountains. The meat was easy to transport and kept for a long time. It also gave the hunters energy with its high levels of protein and iron and very little fat. Delicate strips of premium tender pork combined with secret blend of spices. Our tender filets are marinated to perfection! The result: delicious, high protein meat snacks. By seasoning and curing it slowly, we unlock its great flavour so you can enjoy it. 


Suggested Usage of Pork Jerky from Pure Nutrition:

Enjoy our pork jerky as a snack whenever you need healthy and hi-protein meal. Consume within 48 hours from opening. Store at temperature 0 °C to +25 °C. Package contains an inedible oxygen-absorbing sachet. Please discard it upon opening the package.

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