NATTOKINASE 100 mg - 60 Veg Capsules –
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NATTOKINASE 100 mg - 60 Veg Capsules

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Pure Nutrition NATTOKINASE 100 mg - 60 Veg Capsules, a powerful and natural supplement designed to support your cardiovascular health. Nattokinase is a potent enzyme known for its exceptional ability to promote a healthy circulatory system.

What is NATTOKINASE 100 mg - 60 Veg Capsules?

Nattokinase is an enzyme extracted from fermented soybeans, particularly natto, a traditional Japanese food. With its roots deeply embedded in Eastern medicine, Nattokinase has gained recognition worldwide for its cardiovascular benefits.

What are the benefits of usage?

  • Cardiovascular support

Nattokinase is renowned for its ability to promote cardiovascular health by supporting optimal blood circulation. It works by breaking down fibrin, a protein involved in blood clot formation, helping to maintain healthy blood viscosity and reducing the risk of clot-related issues.

  • Blood Pressure Regulation

Regular use of Nattokinase has been associated with promoting healthy blood pressure levels, contributing to overall heart health and reducing the risk of hypertension.

  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Nattokinase exhibits anti-inflammatory effects, potentially assisting in reducing inflammation in the cardiovascular system, which is crucial for maintaining arterial health.

  • Improved Circulation

By enhancing blood flow and preventing the formation of clots, Nattokinase may contribute to improved circulation, ensuring that vital organs receive the oxygen and nutrients they need for optimal function.

  • Cholesterol Management

Some studies suggest that Nattokinase may play a role in supporting healthy cholesterol levels, particularly by aiding in the breakdown of fibrinogen, a precursor to fibrin.

Why choose Pure Nutrition NATTOKINASE 100 mg - 60 Veg Capsules?

Pure Nutrition Nattokinase stands out as a superior choice for several reasons:

  • Purity and quality: Our product is crafted with a commitment to purity and quality, utilizing premium-grade Nattokinase derived from non-GMO soybeans to ensure the highest standards.
  • Optimal potency: Pure Nutrition Nattokinase is carefully formulated to provide an optimal concentration of the enzyme, ensuring maximum effectiveness and benefits for your cardiovascular health.


Supplement Facts
Serving Size 1 Vegetable Capsule
Servings 60
Amount per Serving
Nattokinase (2,000 FU) 100 mg

Suggested usage

For optimal results, it is recommended to take one capsule of Pure Nutrition Nattokinase daily, preferably with a meal. As with any supplement, it is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating it into your routine, especially if you have pre-existing health conditions or are taking other medications.

Elevate your cardiovascular health with Pure Nutrition Nattokinase – a natural and effective choice for those seeking to support their heart and circulatory system.


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